Wednesday, 8 January 2014


When Princess Leia appeared before Luke Skywalker as a hologram in the
1977 blockbuster Star Wars, it was very much a work of science
But fast-forward four decades and the hologram telephone call – which
will allow callers to see a live 3D image of the other person on the
line – is set to become reality.
The technology is being pioneered by Leia Display Systems, a Polish
company named after the Star Wars heroine.
Using a camera with two lenses and a tablets, your image is blended
into one and beamed onto a screen
It aims to have a working model of the telephone operating by next
year after it successfully built interactive 3D hologram machines.
To make a 3D phone call, a person will sit in front of a specially
adapted camera featuring two lenses and a microphone. The two images
the lenses create are blended to form a 3D version and streamed via
the internet to the person who is being called.
 A hologram machine will receive the image and beam it using a laser
projector on to a 'screen' of water vapour, which gives the image its
third dimension.
The hologram image will speak, move and listen in real time. The
company also believes its invention will be on the market within five
"Our holograms will take video- phone calls to the next level," said
Marcin Panek, chief executive of Leia Display Systems.
"We are on the frontier of technology that was imagined in movies 40
years ago – it is science fiction becoming science fact.
"It will be as if loved ones, friends and family are standing right in
front of you while you talk with them halfway across the world.
"At the moment our holograms  are made using machines that are more
than 6ft high but we are designing smaller versions that can be set up
on a coffee table in a living room.
"It's incredible. Ten years ago people would have been astounded at
the idea of tablet devices but now they are everywhere.
"It will be the same with holograms. It is still early days but we
hope to sell hologram telephone devices within the next five years."
Mr Panek said the possibilities for the technology range from
relatives virtually attending family occasions to specialist surgeons
overseeing hospital operations while located on the other side of the
He said the company was inspired after noticing the 3D effect created
when a nightclub laser is beamed on to dry ice.
He added that the first systems will cost thousands of pounds but, as
with any technology breakthrough, the price will come down once they
become more commonplace.
Mr Panek also claimed that within ten years we will see the creation
of a Star Trek-style fully holographic room, in which 3D objects can
be viewed and manipulated from every angle.
He added: "It is not impossible,  and with the technology moving so
fast, it is only a matter of time.
"Within the next decade we will also be able to watch hologram
football matches and have fully interactive walk-in hologram rooms.
It's very exciting."


respond to online reports that called to question her academic qualifications.
Premium Times reported that Oduah and her associates were trying
yesterday"to clean up the minister's biographies on the Internet"
following the allegations that she listed among her qualifications an
MBA that she might not have obtained.
Sahara Reporters on Monday quoted authorities at St. Paul's College,
where Ms. Oduah claimed she studied for Bachelor's and Master's
Degrees, as saying they did not award an MBA at anytime as the
university does not even have a graduate school or programme.
There was no reaction from the minister yesterday, and efforts to get
reaction from her spokesman failed. Her media assistant Joe Obi did
not return phone calls made to him by Daily Trust.
YakubuDatti, the spokesperson of the aviation agencies, who also does
speak for the minister, said he was not aware of the allegation when
contacted by Premium Times, and that he would revert after consulting
the minister but he did not do that.
The online newspaper said it observed an attempt by the minister's
aides to revise her profiles on the web to cleanup any reference to
St. Paul's College in her history.
It said, "Already, Mrs.Oduah's biography on the website of the
Ministry of Aviation has been revised, with references to St. Paul's
College now wiped out. 'Oduah-Ogiemwonyi received her Bachelors and
Masters Degree (in Accounting and Business Administration
respectively) in the United States,' the new profile said of Mrs.
Oduah's education, without any reference to the university she
"The Wikipedia page of the minister was also edited and it now has no
reference to the university Mrs. Oduah attended. The last edit on the
Wikipedia page was done at 14:41 p.m. Nigerian time. All links and
reference materials on the Wikipedia page capable of linking the
minister to the university that has disowned her have also been
deleted. Even the minister's personal website  has been reviewed to
remove any reference to St. Paul's College."
The report also said, "Mrs. Oduah had in a resume she presented to the
Senate as a ministerial nominee in 2011 indicated that she obtained a
Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from St. Paul's
College Lawrence ville, Virginia, United States.
"But Sahara Reporters quoted the President of the college as saying
his university had never in its 125-year history had a graduate school
or graduate program."
Meanwhile, the Senate told Daily Trust yesterday said it was not aware
of allegations that Ms. Oduahsexed up her academic qualifications.
Speaking to Daily Trust by telephone, Senate spokesman Eyinnaya
Abaribe (PDP, Abia) said the Senate confirmed her appointment as
minister after receiving security clearance by the security agencies.
"We do receive security clearance on all ministerial nominees before
we confirm them. The security people gave us report which cleared her
and we believe they must have done their due diligence," Abaribe said.
He declined further comment on the issue because according to him,
"the matter is not before the Senate and we are on recess. Until we
resume and a matter like that comes up that us when we can make any
Oduah had recently been enmeshed in the bulletproof cars purchase
scandal, over which the House of Representatives has demanded her
She told Daily Trust over a week ago that the armoured cars were
leased and not purchased.


I can act nude for $50m – Amanda Ebeye

Nollywood Actress, Amanda Ebeye has stated that she can act nude in
any Nollywood movie if given 7.5billion naira.

In a recent interview with The PUNCH, the 'Clinic Matters' star said
"I cannot act nude but like I have said before, if you pay me about
$50m, I will. Please who is the first to pay? I can shave my hair
because I'm an actress. If the role requires it, if it is a beautiful
script and the money is good, I will do it. It will not be because it
is the trend. It is not because Mercy Johnson did it, so I should, no,
that is not enough reason. Right now, the script has to be outstanding
for me to be interested in shaving off my hair."

On growing up, she said "I was a stubborn kid. I was never a tomboy. I
don't know how to bounce or sag for the world but stubborn, fighting
for my rights and the rights of others, yes. I always wanted to defend
others in need. That's why often, they used to say I knew how to 'buy'
other people's matter. But my friends would say I had and will always
have the heart of a child because no matter how much I fight you, I'll
always feel bad and be the first to tell you sorry."

Moyes & United desperate for creativity

Ali Tweedale of questions why Manchester United persist
with Tom Cleverley and illustrates why David Moyes must add

Not once in Sir Alex Ferguson's 27 years at Old Trafford did United
endure as poor a run of home results as David Moyes has overseen in
the last few weeks. Four losses in their last six at the Theatre of
Dreams makes it crisis time in the red half of Manchester, and the
fans that were told by Moyes' predecessor to give him time are fast
running out of patience.

It is generally thought that much of the problem for United this
season has been a lack of creativity from midfield. Shinji Kagawa,
either this season or last, has failed to prove adequate as the number
10 they apparently so crave; Ferguson and Moyes seem to agree on this.
But Wayne Rooney, as United's highest-rated player on
(7.74) this season, is quite clearly, after threatening to leave in
the summer, now back to his best and a worthy bearer of that jersey.

The problem has in fact been around Rooney. Out wide, United either
have wingers that are no longer as effective as they used to be, out
of position forwards (step forward Danny Welbeck) or 18-year-old and
far-from-the-finished-product Adnan Januzaj. Meanwhile in defensive
midfield, alongside the ever-reliable and increasingly accomplished
Michael Carrick (when fit), United have installed this season any one
of failing star signing Marouane Fellaini, primarily centre-back Phil
Jones, oversized Anderson, ageing and increasingly inadequate Ryan
Giggs, unfit and returning Darren Fletcher or, most often, the most
average footballer in the league, Tom Cleverley.

Herein lies the greatest problem. Whilst Giggs has extended his
fantastic career, arguably, for one season too many, United are
suffering from the combination of Paul Scholes' retirement last season
and their failings in replacing him. Scholes had long since peaked as
a player when at the beginning of last season he completed more passes
in a Premier League game (135 vs Tottenham) than any other player
managed in the whole of that season or the current one. Someone who
moves the ball about with his range of passing, in the process
controlling games, has been lacking from this United team, and while
Ferguson could maintain the ship's sail sufficiently well, Moyes isn't
experienced enough to keep it from going under.

Cleverley has been the most regular partner for Carrick this season,
but quite what he adds to the team is beyond the best of us. Amongst a
list of 46 occurrences of a player making over 100 passes in a Premier
League game in the past five seasons, Scholes features four times.
Meanwhile, the most passes Cleverley has ever completed in a
top-flight game is 78. He's not even ambitious with his few passes;
this season, of players with 15 or more appearances, only Ki
Sung-Yueng and centre-back Laurent Koscielny have played a higher
proportion of their passes sideways than Cleverley (61.4%).
Intelligent passing clearly isn't what he adds to the team; and nor
are goals (one in his last 27 league appearances), assists (none in
his last 21 games) or particularly impressive defensive contribution
(80th in the Premier League for tackles + interceptions per game this
season, with 3.8). Carrick breaks up play and distributes, so it needs
to be an inventive, incisive and risk-taking partner alongside him to
help with chance creation.

Forging openings has been the biggest problem for United. Only five
teams have created fewer clear-cut goalscoring opportunities this
season than Moyes' men, who have managed only 19 in 20 matches so far.
To put that into perspective, rivals City lead the way with 48, while
the teams that fare worse are Cardiff (18), Sunderland (16), Crystal
Palace (14), Norwich and Hull (both 13).

It speaks volumes that United's most creative players this season have
been Rooney (1.5 key passes from open play per game) followed by
Patrice Evra (1.2) and Carrick (1.1). While in previous seasons their
wingers have contributed in this sense (two of Antonio Valencia,
Ashley Young and Nani have been in the top three in each of the last
four seasons), they have been severely below par this term. All three
have been largely ineffective and it is little surprise that Januzaj
has played so much. He has as many assists (2) in Premier League games
this season as the former trio combined.

While most big clubs take note of and address the declining
performances of their top players by signing replacements, first
Ferguson and now Moyes have certainly missed a trick on the wings.
Young showed signs of life with goals in successive games just before
Christmas, but has looked back to the level of player he is widely
considered: not sufficient quality for Manchester United.

Moyes' United have looked far from the well-oiled winning machines of
Ferguson's heyday, and though that was expected to some extent,
results of late have been catastrophic. The team's misgivings on the
pitch can be rectified in the second half of the season but only if
the management's failures off the pitch last summer are addressed in
this January transfer window. They would do well to cash in on the
likes of Young and Cleverley and move for the kind of quality players
that had previously become a hallmark of Sir Alex Ferguson's time at
the club. Maybe then, Moyes can get the club back on track.

Jacobs joins Wolves

Derby County's Michael Jacobs has joined Wolves for an undisclosed fee
following a successful loan spell at Molineux.

The winger, 22, played nine times for Wolves whilst on loan and his
performances have persuaded Kenny Jackett to sign him permanently.

The arrival of Simon Dawkins and Patrick Bamford at Derby meant
first-team opportunities were likely to be limited.

Derby boss Steve McClaren said: "It goes without saying we wish
Michael all the very best in his future career with Wolves and thank
him for his contribution in a Derby County shirt.

"We just felt he should be playing first team football at this stage
of his career and unfortunately, with the options at his disposal,
that is something we weren't able to offer him."

Jacobs joined Derby on a three-year contract from Northampton in 2012.