Friday, 17 January 2014

Violent gang leader back on streets after deportation attempt failed - because no other country wants him

Joland Giwa, who once led the 80-strong DSN gang that was involved in
stabbings, shootings and murder, has been in the UK since 1999 - he is
also known as Dexter
Released: Joland Giwa
A violent gang leader is back on the streets after deportation attempts failed.
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Joland Giwa, 24, who once led an 80-strong gang that was involved in
stabbings, shootings and murder, has been in the UK since 1999.

He is thought to be an orphan from Nigeria or Sierra Leone, but
efforts to deport him after a 27-month sentence for two robberies
failed because neither country would accept him.

A High Court judge said in October that Giwa, who led the DSN gang in
Croydon, South London, and is also known as Dexter, should be freed if
he was not deported within three months.

He is now thought to be in a bail hostel in Wales.

Giwa, who lived in south London, and is also known as "Dexter," led a
campaign of terror for several years in Croydon, South London.

In 2007, his DSN gang was behind a surge in violence on the streets of
Croydon which saw stabbings, shootings and murder, police say.

Officers linked Giwa to at least 99 incidents of criminal or
anti-social behaviour.

In a YouTube video, he boasted about stabbing a man "in the f******
head" and he bragged about his crimes on Facebook during his jail

The Home Office said efforts to have Giwa removed would continue and
that he would be tagged and "subject to rigorous monitoring".

A spokeswoman said: "We vigorously opposed this individual's
application for bail and we are very disappointed by the court's

"He will be subject to rigorous monitoring, including an electronic
tag, and we are continuing to fight for his removal from the UK."


Abike Dabiri To Nigerians: Don’t Go To Cyprus International University

The House committee on Diaspora has warned Nigerians to beware of a
suspicious move by the authorities of the Cyprus International
University, Nicosia North Cyprus, to lure Nigerian Students to their
Oladipupo Akinkunmi Joseph, senior aide to Hon Abike Dabiri- Erewa
Chairman, Diaspora Committee said in a statement on Thursday said the
Committee warned on the dangers of sending Nigerian students to Cyprus
International University, Nicosia, North Cyprus, as one Gabriel Soriwe
recently died as a student in the University under mysterious

Gabriel Soriwe, 20 years old, was a student of Electrical and
Electronics at the Cyprus International Nicosia, North Cyprus. The
University alleged that he was knocked down by a female drunk driver
in July 17, 2013. The University in connivance with the North Cyprus
Police released the driver and shielded her identity from the family.

Till date there has not been a word of condolence to the family. His
corpse was sent as an unaccompanied cargo to the grieving family,
without any of his belongings.

The Soriwe family has since buried their son, and has not been reached
by the authorities of Cyprus International University four months
after, and have expressed pain at the callousness of the University

The committee also notes that apart from Soriwe , a Bayelsa born
Musician , Stanley Ateimo , was also murdered on August 12, 2013
because of a disagreement he had with
a white student over a girl in Nicosia.

The team from Cyprus International University, Nicosia, North Cyprus
held a seminar at Rockview Hotel on 14th January 2014 to lure Nigerian
Students to their students to their University and they are currently
heading to Kaduna, Portharcourt and Uyo. They left out Benin and
Bayelsa because the late Soriwe is from Benin and Stanley
is from Bayelsa State.

From all indications studying in this University, Cyprus International
University is not safe in particular, and Nicosia North Cyprus in
general is also dangerous for our students.

The House Committee also notes that North Cyprus is not recognised by
Nigeria and all other countries in the world except Turkey.

Wanlov insults President Jonathan

Wanlov the Kubolor is a Ghanaian Afro Pop star, who's famous for his
eccentric style of dressing, and abnormal way of life has verge his
anger on President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele
Jonathan on his recent post on Facebook where he described him as

A post which he complemented with a picture suggesting President he's
making Nigerians suffer while he's living a lavish lifestyle.

Wanlov the Kubolor who also appear not to be okay with the President
Jonathan criminalizing homosexuality also changed his mind from
traveling to Nigeria anytime soon due to what he described as safety
for his life, in order for him not to be mistaken for gay due to the
way he dresses.

"I really loved going to Nigeria, but I don't think I will be going
there again till this changes because it could be very dangerous for
me just because of my dressing"