Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lorry driver barred from pub after wiping his own faeces on two women

One of the victim's was left with a 'four-inch smear' on her arm
following the disgusting attack
Banned: Mark Follos denied the allegations but was found guilty by magistrates
A lorry driver has been banned from a pub after wiping his own
excrement on two women while they were enjoying a night out.

Mark Follos, 51, who was found guilty of smearing two women with
faeces deliberately at The Oaks pub in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester,
denied the allegations.

He told magistrates: "Do you think I look like the sort of person who
goes around smearing people with muck?"
But during his trial at  Bury Magistrates' Court, a court heard that
on October 25, 2012, one victim was left with a 'four inch smear' on
her arm.

Follos, from Wolverhampton, regularly travelled between Ramsbottom and
Scotland for a driving contract and often visited local pubs.

On October 12, 2012, the first victim said that Follos had approached
her and briefly spoke to her before rubbing her arm.

She said: "I don't recall what he said and he did a movement as if
rubbing his hands on my arm."

The woman added that she initially thought that the man was trying to
rub drugs on her arm.

Horrific: Follos smeared the women in two separate incidents at the
pub in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester
She sobbed in the witness box as she described the incident as 'very strange'.

The victim, who was wearing a sleeveless top at the time, said: "I
realised what it was on my arm- it was poo.

"I looked at it, touched it and smelled my hand."

When the woman was asked how she felt afterwards, she said: "I thought
I must have upset someone."

Follos admitted that he had gone to the bathroom and passed a
'motion'. In a statement to the police he said: "As it goes down it's
got to come out."

Follos said that he had not washed his hands and that he had touched
the first victim's arm as he told her to 'have a good night'. He said
that he was 'just being courteous'.

Follos denied smearing the woman intentionally. He denied that the
second incident happened.

But on October 25, 2012, the court heard that Follos struck again when
he smeared another victim. The second victim told of a similar

She said that Follos had grabbed her arm and asked her if she would
like a drink.

She said: "Then he left and that's when I could smell something so I
thought his hand maybe wasn't so clean."

The court heard that her friend wiped her arm and saw that the
substance was 'discoloured' and they realised that it was faeces.

After the trial, the first victim, who asked not to be named, said:
"It was quite embarrassing to tell people.

"I'm glad he's not going to do it to anyone else."

Follos was banned from the Oaks pub for a year. He was also ordered to
carry out 100 hours of unpaid work and pay a total of £1,010.