Sunday, 19 January 2014

China smog so bad the daily sunrise is broadcast on giant TVs for residents who can't see it

LED screens around the city are now broadcasting the natural sight we
take for granted as the first wave of health-threatening smog hits
Dense: Screens break up the air pollution in Beijing, China
Do not adjust your set - this screen is now the only chance Beijing
residents have of seeing the daily sunrise in their city.
jumia ng
Broadcast on giant panels usually reserved for tourist advertisements,
the footage highlights the extent of the problem of dangerous air

A lack of sky vision has become such an issue that people now flock to
the screens which are located at several points.

Air pollution monitors issued a severe air warning to inhabitants on
Thursday and urged the elderly and school children to stay inside
until the air quality reached a safer level.

Sunrise? Dim glow smothered by smog
Those that had to brave the acrid odour to travel to work donned face
masks to try limit the effects of the smog on their health.

Smog is the visible evidence of a mixture of emissions, such carbon
monoxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide.

Although the city is renowned for having poor air quality yesterday's
PM readings, which are used to measure the density of pollution,
reached 671 micrograms.

This is 26 times higher than the 25 micrograms the World Health
Organisation considers safe and the highest since January 2013.

According to newspaper reports the government has pledged to cut coal
use by 2.6million tonnes and channel $290bn into promoting cleaner

BBC presenter Komla Dumor dies aged 41 after distinguished career in UK and Africa

Mr Dumor was one of Ghana's best-known journalists, and was described
by his colleagues as 'one of our brightest and best'
'Our brightest and best': Komla Dumor
Tributes have been paid to a BBC TV presenter who has died suddenly at
the age of 41.
The broadcaster said Komla Dumor, one of Ghana's best-known
journalists, had passed away at his London home.

BBC Radio 4 Today presenter Mishal Husain described Dumor as "one of
our brightest and best", while the BBC's Global News director Peter
Horrocks said he had been a "a leading light of African journalism".

Since joining the BBC in 2007, after a decade of broadcast journalism
where he won the Ghana Journalist of the Year award, Mr Dumor had
forged an impressive career which saw him named as one of New
African's 100 most influential Africans in 2013.

Between 2007 and 2009 he hosted Network Africa for the BBC World
Service before joining The World Today programme, and became the first
host of Africa Business Report on BBC World News in 2009.

Ms Husain took to Twitter to share her condolences, tweeting: "Our BBC
family tonight mourns loss of one of our brightest & best - Komla
Dumor. Big heart, big personality, brilliant broadcaster.

"Komla developed his own unique on air style, seamlessly moved between
TV and radio & influenced Africa coverage across the BBC."

Mr Horrocks said: "Komla's many friends and colleagues across Africa
and the world will be as devastated as we are by this shocking news.
Komla was a leading light of African journalism - committed to telling
the story of Africa as it really is. Africa's energy and enthusiasm
seemed to shine through every story Komla told. He will be deeply

Richard Porter, the controller of English services for BBC Global
News, tweeted: "Devastated at the news about Komla. Talented, clever,
warm, charismatic. A great journalist and a great ambassador for the