Sunday, 19 January 2014

China smog so bad the daily sunrise is broadcast on giant TVs for residents who can't see it

LED screens around the city are now broadcasting the natural sight we
take for granted as the first wave of health-threatening smog hits
Dense: Screens break up the air pollution in Beijing, China
Do not adjust your set - this screen is now the only chance Beijing
residents have of seeing the daily sunrise in their city.
jumia ng
Broadcast on giant panels usually reserved for tourist advertisements,
the footage highlights the extent of the problem of dangerous air

A lack of sky vision has become such an issue that people now flock to
the screens which are located at several points.

Air pollution monitors issued a severe air warning to inhabitants on
Thursday and urged the elderly and school children to stay inside
until the air quality reached a safer level.

Sunrise? Dim glow smothered by smog
Those that had to brave the acrid odour to travel to work donned face
masks to try limit the effects of the smog on their health.

Smog is the visible evidence of a mixture of emissions, such carbon
monoxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide.

Although the city is renowned for having poor air quality yesterday's
PM readings, which are used to measure the density of pollution,
reached 671 micrograms.

This is 26 times higher than the 25 micrograms the World Health
Organisation considers safe and the highest since January 2013.

According to newspaper reports the government has pledged to cut coal
use by 2.6million tonnes and channel $290bn into promoting cleaner

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