Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How A Drunk Soldier Almost Killed his Brother This Morning

So much for injustice you'd say, read the story below;
Good morning all please i and my brother needs help and justice, it
really hurts me to see my brother lying critically at the hospital
after he was been beaten and almost killed by a drunk soldier this
morning at about 9 am in benin, i was running late for my place of
work and my brother decided to drop me off and also picked some
passengers to help drop them off, as my bro was driving and he saw and
elderly woman so he stopped to help her and the drunk soldier who
parked his vehicle asked my bro to come down and my bro was like
please sir i want to drop my brother at his place of work ,the next

thing, the drunk driver soldier slapped my bro and my brother started
pleading with him the next thing he did he went to his car and brought
out a rod and started beating my bro as if he was an animal , i saw my
bro crying and i felt sad and i started crying my self, after beating
him and holding his neck very tight , the drunk soldier later dragged
him to the road and asked him to do frog jump and my bro was almost
hit my a car as you can see in the video, my bro was bleeding and
later we took him to the hospital where he is been treated , please we
need justice as i know this wont happen in any civilised country , how
can a person in his right senses do this to his fellow human , please
we need justice and please what should we do from here ?

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