Saturday, 4 January 2014

Nasir el-rufai "I am #7 on the GEJ snipers' list"

This drama of GEJ training snipers has been on the news for a while
now, the latest being the former FCT minister Nasir el-rufai saying on
twitter that he would only worry when GMB, chief Bola Asiwaju,
Governor Rotimi Amaechi of rivers state and others are dead since he
is number 7 on the! If you recall OBJ's letter to GEJ you
would remember that he accused GEJ of training 1000 snipers to kill
his enemies in which GEJ replied as an outrageous, prepostrous
The former minister also claimed that GEJ budgetted only 2bn naira to
transform the 6 states of the North-east which is almost equivalent to
the amount he deposited for his 11th plane about 1.6bn naira. See his
tweets above.

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