Friday, 3 January 2014


Dear spectators, here is the story of a worried lady who needs your candid opinion on what to do. She's from the northern part of the country where if a girl marries early she is seen as a woman of good virtue and with respect. She was in a relationship with a guy she truly loved with all her heart, he was her first love, she met this guy when she was pursuing her diploma in BUK while the guy was a degree student. According to her, they dated for about two years and all of a sudden they had issues, after some days of not communicating which is normal whenever they have issues, the guy tried to reach her but she wanted to do yanga small as usual by ignoring his call not knowing that it was going to cost her the relationship unfortunately. Ok! What happened was that the guy got tired and stopped calling her, so after she finished her yanga now she decided to call him but he wouldn't pick, text, and he wouldn't reply and that was it. He never called her again and now she just found out that this guy is getting married O!! Yes, he graduated and got a job and is doing well. That isn't even the problem or what is worrying her, the fact that almost all her younger cousins who lives with them are married and now her own younger sister is also getting married this february is what is causing kasala for her, her parents see her as a disgrace, infact her dad thinks something is wrong with her, how is she going to look at relations on her younger sister's wedding day, where would she hide her shame, only if ASUU hadn't striked, may be she would have gotten admission and ran to BUK to avoid the shame on the weddind day. she is in a relationship but her guy just finished serving and doesn't have a job like settling down would take a while, this girl will be 24 years by May this year and from the look of things her dad might force her to marry someone she doesn't love..So spectators, let's help a worried sister as your advice will go a long way in helping her..what do you think she should do??


  1. Methinks she should b patient and prayerful as is just a matter of time